70mai A810 4K HDR Dashcam + RC12 Rear Cam + UP03 Hardwire Kit

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70mai A810 4K HDR + RC12 Rear Dash Cam + UP03 Hardwire Kit




70mai A810 4K dashcam

The Stellar Image Quality of True 4K

Outstanding image quality with 4K high resolution, capturing license plates, road signs, and other critical details on the road. The Dash Cam 4K A810 is 70mai’s newest upgrade of it's flagship 4K model, with further improvements on image quality and remarkable expansions on smart functions. 

70mai A810 dashcam new sony IMX678 processor
70mai A810 dashcam new sony IMX678 processor

HDR Dual-Channel Front & Rear Recording

Front 4K HDR and rear 1080P HDR gives maximum coverage of the road, providing superior image clarity, enhanced color accuracy, and a significantly improved balance of exposure levels.

70mai A810 dashcam front & rear HDR video recording

70mai Night Owl Vision

*F1.8 large aperture pulls in more light to ensure well-illuminated recordings in the dark.
*Exclusive 70mai Night Owl Vision improves night footage, achieving better clarity, exposure balance, color saturation and light glare control.

70mai A810 dashcam owl night vision

60FPS High Frame Rate

*60FPS high frame rate effectively prevents motion blur. Capture fleeting details on the road during high-speed driving.

70mai A810 dashcam 60FPS frame rate

AI Motion Detection

With advanced AI motion detection algorithm, the A810 is able to identify suspicious human activities around the parked car, and activates recording automatically.

70mai A810 dashcam motion detection

*When paired with an accessory camera, both cameras record during parking surveillance, effectively preventing hit-and-runs or break-ins.

Buffered Emergency Recording

Save recorded video 2 seconds before incidents are detected and 28 seconds after.

70mai A810 dashcam emergency recording

Built-in GPS
Monitors and displays real-time trip data including time, speed (km/h, or mph), and coordinates. Tracks the exact location of an accident if one should occur, crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims.

70mai A810 dashcam GPS

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Expanded safety alerts including Pedestrian/Bikers Alert, Lane Departure Alert, Front Collision Alert and Moving Traffic Alert.

70mai A810 dashcam ADAS

24-Hour Parking Surveillance (UP03/UP04 are required)

Keep monitoring when you are away. The built-in G-sensor can detect sudden shakes or collisions while your car is stationary, and will automatically start recording to capture any potential incidents. If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam will notify you through voice alert once it's turned back on.

70mai A810 dashcam 24H Parking mode


*The 70mai UP03 24H Parking Kit is INCLUDED

70mai UP03 24H Parking Kit


Time-lapse Recording

Moreover, the new 70mai Dash Cam A810 supports time-lapse recording, which enables can compress 30 minutes of footage into one minute, enabling long-period continuous recording that takes up 1/30 the storage space as in the regular recording.

70mai A810 dashcam time-lapse

In-app Control & Footage Sharing

The 70mai App supports both iOS & Android systems, allowing you to view and download HD videos in real time through the dash cam's Wi-Fi. It also locks emergency videos to the "Event File" to prevent an overwrite.

70mai A810 dashcam app

One-tap App Connect

Save your time and more convenient.

70mai A810 dashcam One Tap connect

NOTE: The memory card may become damaged or deteriorated after repeated cycles of overwriting, and this may affect its ability to save video and image files. 

lf this occurs, immediately replace it with a new memory card.

MicroSD Memory Card Required*

*Memory size: 32 GB, 64GB, 128GB (sold separately)

Dash Cam Memory Cards

BUY Suggested Memory Cards On Amazon UK

4G Connectivity Hardwire Kit* (Optional)

Check remotely or send you an instant alert via phone. And real-time route tracking helps you stay informed of your car's exact location when someone else is driving it for your optimized safety.

70mai A810 dashcam 4G Connection function

70mai A810 dashcam 4G connection features

 *The 70mai 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 is NOT included. Please choose a full dashcam set if you need this option. 

Please click here if you need a 4G Hardwire Kit version

The 4G Hardwire Kit UP04 is not applicable to all countries. For applicable countries, please refer to the following:

70mai A810 dashcam 4G connection support


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