Car Wireless Handheld Polisher & Waxing Machine Power Tool

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Car Wireless Handheld Polisher & Waxing Machine Power Tool


High Speed and Efficiency: This cordless car polisher operates at high speed, ensuring efficient polishing and waxing. Achieve professional-grade results in less time. Despite its high power, it operates with low noise, providing a comfortable user experience.

2. Durability and Long Service Time: Built with fine durability, this wireless car polishing machine is designed to withstand prolonged use. It provides a long service time, ensuring reliable performance for multiple projects.

3. Effective Heat Radiation: The heat radiation holes design of this electric polishing wax tool enhances heat dissipation, preventing overheating during extended usage. Enjoy uninterrupted polishing sessions without worrying about heat-related issues.

4. Stepless Speed Adjustment: With its stepless speed adjustable design, this polisher allows you to customize the speed settings according to your specific needs. Easily switch between different speeds for precise and versatile polishing applications.

5. Quick and Easy Disc Change: Equipped with a self-adhesive grinding disc, this auto polish waxing machine enables quick and easy disc changes. Swap out the discs effortlessly, saving time and effort during your polishing tasks. This wireless polisher is suitable for various applications, including car polishing, floor waxing, metal descaling, and furniture waxing. Expand its usage beyond cars to cater to multiple needs around your home or workshop.

Product Information:

Origin: China
Applicable Wheel Diameter Range: 75mm
Speed Range: 2000RPM
Shell material: ABS
Colour: Black
Input voltage: DC 5V
Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery (4000 mAh)
Voltage: 7.4V
Speed: 2000rpm
Battery power: 10A
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Duration: More than 30 minutes
Wax disc fixing: Powerful sticker
Self-adhesive disc diameter: 75mm
Power: 84W
Product Size: 174 x 156 x 41mm / 6.85 x 6.14 x 1.61inch
Weight: 500g
Features: Waxing, polishing
Suitable for: automotive, floor waxing, metal descaling, furniture waxing, etc.

What's in a box:

1 x Waxer
1 x Short Hair Disc
1 x Wave Disc
1 x Flat Disc
1 x Charging Cable


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