Volvo Vida Additional software Installations

VIDA 2014D_Repack install on Windows 10 or 11

Files you need:

:: Download Torrent: Latest FREE Torrent for Windows
:: Vida Software download: 2014D_Repack.iso
Click the link above to get a Torrent to the main Vida software.
:: 2014D_Repack.iso Patch
Click the link above to get the 2099 patch. Unpack it to a folder.


1. Manually install .net framework 3.5.
  • Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features\Turn Windows Features on and off\ Check mark the box for .Net Frame 3.5. Click [ OK ] wait for .Net Frame 3.5 to install then reboot. While you are there enable Internet Explorer 11. if it is not enabled.
2. Run scripts 1- 3, in the root directory of VIDA2014D_RePack.iso, one at a time.

3. Run the 2099 patch

4. Run Script 4
  • Do not run Script 5
5. Reboot

6. In Microsoft Edge install the extension IE Tab. Use IE Tab to open http://localhost/Vida/ this will take you to the VIDA login in page.
Approve the install of the IE Tab helper program. How bookmark the VIDA login page. From now on use the bookmark to startup VIDA.

There is also a IE Tab for Google chrome. You can use it to operate VIDA in Google Chrome.
  • Note: Do not uninstall IE11. IE Tab uses the IE11 rendering engine.
7. Password: admin or 1 - 4 for specific Partner groups.
How to deal with possible issues:

1. If Dice does not work correctly: 
Run DiCE setup in :\3PP\Products\Dice\
2. Vida cannot start as port 80 is already in use
Good chance it is ISS World Wide Web Publishing Service hogging port 80. Uninstall it, if it is installed or disable it in Windows services.

Please contact us if you have any more questions or other setup issues.