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Who we are

Car Wireless is the biggest supplier of In-car wireless charging modules, dashcams and accessories for mobile phones in the UK. We also trade in Europe, United States, Canada & Australia.


These includes Qi wireless chargers for many different car brands, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Volvo, Toyota, Tesla, Volkswagen and so on. We supply In-car Qi wireless chargers by following up the latest trends in the industry to fulfil customer demands and expectations.


Our Values

Customer loyalty has been the Car Wireless core value from day one.
We are constantly looking for a new ways to deliver outstanding customer service, support and the highest quality products through our innovative design, research, development and manufacture process.
Our combined product development skills and quality control have helped us to become an expert in Qi wireless charging industry. An obsession with quality dictates our actions, relentlessly delivering the very best service for our global customers. Every single Qi Wireless Charging module is safe to use, CE certified and perfectly match your car model.


Car Qi wireless charging modules are widely used all around the world.
The number of global customers has grown over the years. We have increased our presence in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe, still expanding our business in Canada & Australia. 



We do care about our future and future of our planet. That's why we are focusing on sustainability to minimize carbon impact. All our products are produced from recyclable materials. We use recyclable plastic and hard carton (paper) recyclable packaging for our products.


We collaborate with the Shopify Planet partnership program to make all our deliveries carbon neutral to minimise carbon impact to our planet. The Shopify Sustainability Fund contributes at least $5 million annually to support entrepreneurs at the frontier of reversing climate change.


Car Wireless Shopify Planet carbon neutral partnership program


Supporting world-first carbon removal technology.

Carbon removal comes in many forms. It can either be accelerated through the powerful natural systems around us or manufactured through innovative new technologies (or a combination of both). 

In either case, the goal is to remove carbon from the atmosphere in a scalable manner and then store it safely for long periods of time. The companies that do this are driven by some of the most innovative minds in the world and are making Earth-changing contributions to our societies. 

We will keep bringing more Car Qi Wireless products and innovations.
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