How to add wireless phone charging to your car?

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Here's how to update your new or older car with wireless phone charging – and for much less money than ticking the option box buying a new car.

Wireless phone charging isn’t always available on modern cars, let alone anything older. But there is a way of adding it retrospectively and for much less cash than you would expect.

Meet the Car Wireless Qi Mobile phone chargers, specifically designed for your car model. Just find your car make and model from available catalogue and it will be delivered to you free of charge worldwide.

There is a limited assortment of Qi car wireless chargers, as we work only with straight forward plug-in chargers designed for particular car model. There are other options available, buy we are very carefully choose our products to meet our customers expectations.


This wireless charging module can be placed in the cabin of your car by the dashboard and plugged-in directly to your cigarette lighter port. And while Qi wireless charging capability may cost you several hundred pounds extra for a new car (optional upgrade), our wireless chargers varies around £70-£80  pounds, which is considerably cheaper! So, buy with confidence!

We guarantee a top quality, precise fitment of our Qi wireless car modules and offer 1 Year manufacture warranty for all our products.



Wireless charging gimmick or essential?

We can confidently say this is something we would highly recommend to add to your new, or older car. And it definitely will make a nice replacement for your old-fashioned USB cable!

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  • I’ve upgraded my Mercedes to one of those and it’s great.
    Gives impressive look, charges fast and occupy useless under dashboard space.
    Now, I use it all the time… A must have!

    Anonymous on

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