Why the new 70mai M500 Dash camera is your next purchase

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If you’re looking for a new dash cam it is vital that you make the right choice not just for your budget but also for your expectations. What quality should the dash cam record in? Do you need it to have parking mode? Will the microSD card need repeatedly reformatting and replaced?


The 70mai Dash Cam M500 is a good example of a modern dash cam that should not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.


Why a decent dash cam is important?

It's all too easy to just grab the cheapest, most basic dash cam available and install it in your vehicle. After all, they all do the same job, right?

Unfortunately, while dash cams are all intended to do the same job, they're not created equal. In some cheaper and older devices, picture quality and stable performance are sacrificed, and these devices miss more modern features.

Optimum picture quality from your dash cam means a clear view of the road and any incidents that occur while driving. High-definition video means there can be no doubt about who is at fault, but not every dash cam can provide this.

Meanwhile, stable performance ensures that your dash cam can run and record accurately, despite changes to in-car temperature, whether driving in heat or parked in cold temperatures.


What you can expect from the 70mai Dash Cam M500

A sleek black dash cam that sits comfortably in it's holder for removal, the 70mai Dash Cam M500 can be easily connected to a computer over USB or video files viewed in the companion mobile app. The dash cam has its own Wi-Fi network for easy connection from your mobile, along with Bluetooth. This is included to support tire pressure monitoring (TPMS). There is also voice command support for hands-free operation of the 70mai Dash Cam M500 while driving.

Automatic recording initiates when driving should the G-sensor be triggered. Sudden movements, shakes, and collisions are all logged, with emergency videos recorded in their own folder for safety.

Really, all you need to do is make sure it's correctly positioned and connected to a power supply.


Main features of the 70mai Dash Cam M500

The M500 boasts a collection of top-quality dash cam features, not least a 5-megapixel camera with 170-degree lens for a wider viewing angle, which helps minimize blind spots. This field of view is enhanced with a 2592 x 1944 pixel resolution, while high definition range (HDR) is employed to capture poorly and brightly lit areas.

A note about that resolution. The M500’s resolution of 2592 x 1944 is 2.5 times greater than standard HD, guaranteeing superior video and image quality.

Meanwhile, the M500 also features a 24-hour parking mode, with time-lapse recording compressing footage while parted into just a few minutes of video. Thirty minutes of video can be viewed in just one minute, more than enough time to identify culpability.

While some dash cams record only when the motion sensors initialize in parking mode, the 70mai Dash Cam M500 dispenses with that and just maintains recording throughout.

How do you prove you’re involved in a traffic incident? With GPS and GLONASS positioning, satellite support is how.

The M500’s route tracking feature provides real-time trip data, with speed and coordinates provided to help you determine the exact location any RTA you’re involved in occurred. Through the app, you'll find the details of the journey, presented as a map not dissimilar to the Google Maps timeline feature.


Another reason to choose the 70mai Dash Cam M500

Not only does the M500 Dash Cam from 70mai comes with everything you need from a dash cam, but it is also designed with better reliability and vision than your current device.

If you’ve already used a dash cam, then you’ve likely reformatted the SD card at least twice, if not many more times. There is a good chance that you’ve had one or more corrupt cards, too, which you've either binned (bad for the environment) or considered returning under warranty (a time-consuming activity we'd all rather avoid).

Failed microSD cards are a key weakness of dash cams, a problem exacerbated by poor power supplies and system stability. With the 70mai Dash Cam M500, you don’t need an SD card, thereby removing the potential for corrupt cards and non-existent recordings.

Using built-in eMMC storage, this reliable memory format ensures fast read and write speeds, overcoming the potential for data corruption.


The 70mai M500 is your next dash cam

A lightweight dash cam with all the features that you need, and a few more besides, the 70mai Dash Cam M500 is a smart piece of in-car tech that satisfies the need for a dash cam you can trust.

You could buy a cheap dash cam with inferior image quality, bad performance, and regular SD card corruption. Or you could make a wise choice and spend money on a better dash cam experience. If you favour image quality, stable performance, smart functionality, and a genuine 24-hour parking mode, then the 70mai Dash Cam M500 is for you.

Source: Android Police | Written by Christian Cawley

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